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Yay me!!

2011-03-24 02:38:22 by belial216

My parents are planning to get me a laptop sometime soon as a late birthday present. It's used, but my dad plans to take it to a family friend to beef it up for me. If things work out right for once, I'll be able to do much more in FL Studio.

As long as I don't get a Mac. lol


2011-03-23 21:49:42 by belial216

Blah, I'm starting to really dislike music. Listening to, making.. it just seems like it's becoming a stupid chore rather than something to take pleasure in. Oh well, I've just got to stick with it, not that I've made any progress with it or I'm good at it. I just have no other way to waste my time.

Everything anyone has ever said in a positive way towards my "music" has left me with a bitter taste, I know this is just the self-doubt talking but, I feel as if I'm being lied to or someones kissing my ass for some reason that doesn't come to mind.

I seem to be having a wee bit of trouble these days..

2011-03-14 17:38:49 by belial216

The more orchestral side of me has been exhausted.. back to electronic music.. for now.


2011-02-26 22:07:18 by belial216

As usual, I'm back to music..

Anyone up for mixing?

2011-02-15 13:24:42 by belial216

I need a song mixed, I know it's not the best but I'd just like to hear something I've written reach it's full potential.
This is the song here.

It uses strings, choir, some synth, hi hats, snare, kick, some kind of tom tom & piano.

Get back to me if you can do me this 'little' favor.


2011-01-18 15:34:58 by belial216

I need somewhere to log my crap.

Abandoning account starting...

2011-01-15 16:00:08 by belial216


I has a now!

2011-01-15 15:17:45 by belial216

But I'm blank..

Santa, If you're out there..

2010-12-13 16:20:29 by belial216

Please bring me some noise canceling headphones & a good laptop, so that I may do things without having a breakdown. @.@