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2011-11-12 22:19:49 by belial216

Apophenia by Ironhand UHk4

Free download in the description on youtube.

If you like it, find and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on the latest tracks, of which there are many more to come!

"Apophenia" by IRONHAND, off the upcoming album "AGGRONOMICON" based upon the Cthulhu Mythos woven by herr H.P. Lovecraft.

Lyrics, Vocals, Guitars and Composition by Jarod Summers.
Piano by Dan Thompson.

COPYRIGHTED 2011 All Rights Reserved."

I was asked to post this personally by the head of the project, so don't try & pull any crap on me!!


2011-09-16 14:54:24 by belial216


Check them out: Hammer by IRONHAND

I think..

2011-05-05 14:58:31 by belial216

I'm gonna start cataloging my older shit here whether I like it or not.

The Saints Lament

2011-04-21 10:00:48 by belial216

A short preview is up now. Lookin' for some feedback! I guess it's a little better than I expected.


2011-04-19 03:41:51 by belial216

As soon as I'm done with "The Saint's Lament" I'm going to start re-working older craps I've done. I've been in a music mood fora few days now & I don't know why.

I wanna get a new draft up.

2011-04-18 13:15:11 by belial216

Maybe within the next week or so I should have a new draft up. I believe the track is going to be called "The Saint's Lament", but the name isn't set in stone. Basically it's made up of dramatic strings & choir shoved up a synth lines ass with a twist of trancy percussion for lube. Kinda like.. umm... depressive trance?


2011-04-18 12:04:59 by belial216


Things are progressing already.

2011-04-01 03:36:32 by belial216

In the last 3 hours I've already been able to get some pretty decent work done. The mix on "The Little Things" is the clearest I've done so far, in any project. Now, I know there's people out there who could eat me alive when it comes to mixing. [Any aspect of music production, really. lol] But I'm quite proud of myself because I can finally see myself get serious about this. A lot remains that needs tweaked, but the picture is clear enough to be enjoyed. I hope I can get it out there soon.

Outta sight, outta mind.

2011-03-31 01:55:15 by belial216

I've removed "Carved from Stone" & "The Demon's Lullaby" from Newgrounds. Sorry if you liked them but, I have good reason. That harsh-ish electronic sound isn't where I really want to be with my music. My only interest to have ever stuck with me through the years, even the worst periods of my depression, has been video game music. After all, you're not going to get much of a response from an epic storyline without music to deepen the atmospheres & emotions created. This is where I want to be, I want to help capture those moods & emotions, or even create them. My first composition ever [Tribulation of the frost] was created solely to capture the feeling of a dream I had a while back. Even if something I've written has been good, it feels empty to me to not have any real meaning to it. I haven't been true to my real aspirations & a lot of headaches & frustration has come from it.

Onto new things.